Are you for or against the liquidation of banks that financed the separatists?

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Law enforcement authorities have found 17 banks, which are suspected of funding separatist activities. This was announced at a press conference on Wednesday, May 7, Acting Prosecutor General Oleg Mahnitsky, reported the "Ukrainska Pravda". Responding to a remark that Rinat Akhmetov's company, Alexander Efremov, Yuri Ivanyushchenko, Andriy Klyuyev and Alexander Yanukovych provide funding for separatist manifestations in the…


Президент международного фонда "Сокращение рисков" (Risk Reduction Foundation)

Are you for or against the introduction of a mechanism to recall deputies, mayors and the president?

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Ukraine's prerequisite of withdrawal from the political impasse is the creation of a permanent mechanism for controlling the activities of the authorities. The cause of the arising socio-political crisis and mass protests of the people is the lack of real opportunities to control the power and apply sanctions in case of non-compliance and ineffective work. Mass protests is evidence that the Ukrainian Parliament, as the supreme legislative body, is not fulfilling its…


Громадський Рух

Are you for or against the signing of the agreement on political association with the EU?

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The European Union said that it confirmed its readiness to sign the political provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement on March 21 and assured its intention to continue providing comprehensive assistance.  "The Council of Europe welcomes the European Commission's proposal for temporarily removing customs duties on Ukrainian exports to the EU and looks forward to its swift adoption,” the Council of Europe said in a statement approved at a Council of Europe…

Are you for or against the recognition of the Crimean "referendum"?

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96.77% of the inhabitants of the Crimea, who participated in the illegal "referendum", supported joining the peninsula to Russia, said the head of the Republican committee on preparation and holding of the referendum in the Crimea Mikhail Malyshev. Only 2.51% voters favoured the status of the Crimea as part of Ukraine. Malyshev claims that 96.77% supported the accession of the peninsula to Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation, and 2.51% were in favor of the…

Parents who are raising children at home must have appropriate tax incentives

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The Swiss Federal Council and the cantons have firmly rejected the "family initiative" put forward by the Swiss People's Party (SVP), insisting that the proposal merely serves to gives a tax advantage to single income families in Switzerland over their dual income counterparts. The SVP's family initiative seeks to introduce a constitutional principle that parents who choose to look after their young children themselves, with one parent staying home from work, should…

The cost of the annual road tax in Switzerland must be increased

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The Swiss People's Party (SVP) has fiercely criticized the Swiss parliament's decision to increase the cost of the motorway vignette by 150 percent, underlining the need to vote against the "massive additional burden" in the upcoming referendum on November 24. Defending its position, the SVP highlighted the fact that the Federal Government already collects around CHF9.5bn (USD10.5bn) annually in road traffic taxes, duties, and fees. Of this considerable sum, barely one…