Independência de Pernambuco

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 Independência de Pernambuco

William Adams

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International arrivals wanting to immigrate to Britain must take a Basic English Language and math tests to prove that they are capable to be a part of society. They must have a set of skills so they can find a job and integrate into our society. Without this they cannot be admitted into our country.

Are you for or against the complete ban of graphene?

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Studies conducted by scientists at the University of California showed that nanomaterial graphene poses threat to the environment and can be deadly to mankind. Graphene is the latest nanomaterial with thickness of one atom of carbon, which, thanks to its two-dimensional cellular structure is stronger than steel. In addition, graphene has excellent electrical conductivity exceeding flint, which is now widely used in electronics, by hundred times. Using graphene promises…


Предприниматель, Санкт-Петербург

Are you for or against the deprivation of Russia the right to host a Formula 1 because of military aggression in Ukraine?

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Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament Richard Ottaway called  prospect of a debut Grand Prix of Russia "wildly unrealistic" in connection with the current political situation relating to the situation in Ukraine. "If the new sanctions will be introduced by Europe and the U.S., it is likely that the race will be impossible due to restrictions on flow of funds," - said Ottaway in an interview with Times. Times correspondent Kevin Eason…


Громадський Рух

Are you for or against the establishment of a specialized center to help participants of Evromajdan?

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In Kiev, Evromajdan participants are hospitalized with mental disorders, reported the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration. Thus, the Department of Health of KCSA reported that as of May 8 at 6:00 a.m. eight participants of mass actions, three of whom were later hospitalized, asked for help from ambulance doctors. Among the reasons for hospitalization were: psychiatric disorders and exacerbation of chronic diseases. During the period from 10:20 on February…



Are you for or against the transfer of festivals "Kazantip" and "Krymfest" to Georgia?

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The electronic music festival "Kazantip", which was annually held in the Crimea, will be held this year in the Georgian town of Anaklia. This was stated by the Chairman of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia George Sigua, reported "Georgia-News". "Two important festival will be held this year in Georgia, in particular "Krymfest" and "Kazantip". We reached the agreements with Ukrainian promotional company that electronic music festival "Kazantip"…