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The cost of the annual road tax in Switzerland must be increased

Marker : National, Economics, Switzerland,

The Swiss People's Party (SVP) has fiercely criticized the Swiss parliament's decision to increase the cost of the motorway vignette by 150 percent, underlining the need to vote against the "massive additional burden" in the upcoming…

For 82,65% Refrain 13,1% Against 4,25%

Parents who are raising children at home must have appropriate tax incentives

Marker : National, Social sphere, Switzerland,

The Swiss Federal Council and the cantons have firmly rejected the "family initiative" put forward by the Swiss People's Party (SVP), insisting that the proposal merely serves to gives a tax advantage to single income families in Switzerland…

For 90,51% Refrain 7,51% Against 1,98%

Catalonia should withdraw from Spain

Marker : National, Politics,

The Catalan parliament has approved a motion calling for dialogue with the Spanish government over Catalonia’s “right to decide” its political future. But the resolution made no reference to “independence” or to a proposed referendum…

For 88,9% Refrain 8,69% Against 2,41%

Scotland needs to separate from the United Kingdom

Marker : National, Politics,

This time next year, Britain will still be coming to terms with the outcome of Scotland’s referendum on independence. Whether or not she chooses to break with the United Kingdom, there will be long-lasting repercussions on its character…

For 86,96% Refrain 10,12% Against 2,91%

Switzerland must keep compulsory army conscription

Marker : National, Social sphere, Switzerland,

Swiss voters want to keep the country's compulsory military service, exit polls from the latest national referendum on the topic have suggested.Voting trends indicated a large majority of Swiss rejected plans to abolish conscription…

For 84,94% Refrain 12,47% Against 2,59%

The UK should quit the European Union

Marker : National, Politics,

More than one in two voters want a referendum in 2014 according to a new poll – and more than six out of ten want MPs to vote on the proposal in three weeks’ time. The Survation poll comes after The Mail on Sunday revealed last week…

For 85,09% Refrain 12,24% Against 2,68%

In Switzerland all working adults must get 2,800 dollars of monthly income

Marker : National, Economics, Switzerland,

Swiss residents will soon vote on an initiative that would guarantee a basic monthly income of 2,500 Swiss franks (,,800) for all working adults in the country to combat income inequality across the nation. The initiative collected…

For 87,34% Refrain 10,88% Against 1,79%

Upper House of Ireland's parliament must be abolished

Marker : National, Politics,

Ireland decides whether to abolish the Irish upper chamber, known as the Seanad, or Senate.The Irish national parliament, known as the Oireachtas, consists of the President and an upper and a lower house.Most major Irish political…

For 86,42% Refrain 11,28% Against 2,29%

Ukrainian rulers should follow the example of the President of Ecuador

Marker : National, Politics, Ukraine,

Two years without salary increase — a verdict which Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa handed down to himself and his closest associates by signing a decree to freeze the wages of top officials, RIA News reported with reference…

For 87,02% Refrain 10,25% Against 2,73%

Yanukovych should release Tymoshenko following the Lutsenko

Marker : National, Politics, Ukraine,

The defense of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko asks to release their client following the former Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko. This was stated by the defender of Tymoshenko, MP from…

For 88,83% Refrain 7,68% Against 3,49%

In Ukraine stem cells operations are immoral and unacceptable

Marker : National, Social sphere, Ukraine,

Ukraine is on the verge of medical revolution. Ukrainians who need a stem cell treatment, no longer need to travel abroad. Now patients will come to us from abroad. At the very least, patients from the CIS countries. Our country was…

For 81,02% Refrain 15,01% Against 3,97%

Named train tickets is the violation of the rights of Ukrainians

Marker : Protection of rights, Ukraine,

Experts see the innovation of " Ukrzaliznytsia» — return of the nominal train tickets — as legalization of espionage and violation of the Constitution, tsn.ua wrote. " Ukrzaliznytsia» says that it …

For 90,21% Refrain 6,27% Against 3,52%

The international community should boycott the

Marker : Area, Protection of rights, Ukraine,

The new 2013 was declared the year of the Mongol Khan Batyi by the Union of Tatar youth activists «Azatlyk." According to the plan of nationalists, the figure of a medieval conqueror, known for his devastating campaign against Rus'…

For 88,77% Refrain 8,25% Against 2,98%

A nuclear reactor must be removed from the center of Kiev

Marker : City, Ecology, Ukraine, Kiev

At the Institute of Nuclear Research, located on the Nauki Avenue in Kiev, nuclear reactor continues its work. Can a country which survived the Chernobyl disaster, afford such a "luxury" in the center of the city? "I am against any…

For 90% Refrain 8,33% Against 1,67%

Construction of a new dolphinarium in Kiev zoo is inhuman

Marker : City, Ecology, Ukraine, Kiev

Ukrainian ecologists addressed to the chairman of the KSCA Alexander Popov to ban the construction of a new dolphinarium in the Kiev Zoo, writes Gazeta.ua. Activists reminded that on the territory of Ukraine in the Black and Azov…

For 85,88% Refrain 10,36% Against 3,77%